Last updated by MooMoo on 7/31/15: added more FoY codes, a little thank you note at the bottom <3

What is Gifthulk?

Gifthulk is a website where you can earn "Hulk Coins" for doing super easy activities on their site, many of which I will mention in this post. Once you earn enough Hulk Coins (HC), you can buy prizes in their store such as gift cards, including PayPal, Amazon, Karma Koin, and iTunes!

How Do I Join?

  1. Click on the banner at the top of this page, or click here. It will start you out with 250 free credits!
  2. Sign up using Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or Email (recommended). Remember to give them your real email, or you won't be able to receive your confirmation link, special offers, and codes!
  3. Follow all the instructions, and you're done!

How Do I Earn Hulk Coins?

Here are some of my favorite ways, in no particular order:

1. Fountain of Youth Codes

You can easily earn anywhere from 10 to 50 HC by pasting a code into the Fountain of Youth page here.

Where can you get FoY codes? Gifthulk no longer posts them on their Facebook page and blog, but don't worry, there are still some easy ways to get them!
  • Guess the Card game (FoY codes are randomly given out, see next section for info)
  • Reddit (click here for the thread topic, people are constantly updating it and giving away codes)
  • Your friends! (remember that many codes can be used more than once; keep reading for more info)
Remember to check the bottom half of the Fountain of Youth page on Gifthulk for a useful list! It tells you the date you earned it, the code, the number of HC it's worth, the number of people that can use it, and the number of times it's already been used.
Make sure to check ender the "No. Times Used" column, to see how many more times the code can be used. If it's 0, that means you can still use it yourself! If you already used it, you can still share the code with your friends!

As you can see from the screenshot above, I have some codes I haven't used yet. If I get any more, I will add them below!
  • xoxb8y2be (26 HC, can be used 2 more times as of 12/7/14)
  • v2iqbdws0 (22 HC, can be used 2 more times as of 12/7/14)
  • t2biipbiy (13 HC, can be used 2 more times as of 12/7/14)
  • 7lbo43rdb (32 HC, can be used 2 more times as of 12/18/14)
  • 13kyaiyuj (18 HC, can be used 1 more times as of 12/18/14)
  • qewji50el (21 HC, can be used 1 more time as of 12/18/14)
  • a2wxtoc0z (14 HC, can be used 1 more time as of 12/23/14)
  • nsxphui27 (25 HC, can be used 1 more time as of 12/29/14)
  • ro4ngse7j (21 HC, 4 times, 1/4/15)
  • 2u7csagh4 (27 HC, 2 times, 7/31/15)
  • gomzgalvs (10 HC, 3 times, 7/31/15)
  • b29yn0tjg (20 HC, 2 times7/31/15)
Please share your codes in the comments section, or they will just go to waste unused, sitting there in your account! Thanks :)

2. Guess the Card Game

This is a super easy daily activity! Click here.

Every day, you get free chips to play this game. There are three modes: Guess the Card, Guess the Rank, and Guess the Suit. I recommend guessing the suit, because you have a 1/4 chance of winning each turn.
Then, just guess a suit and click I'm Feeling Lucky.
If your guess was right, you win 4 HC! (You can win 5 if you connect your account to Facebook or Twitter, click here)
There are also bonus cards hiding in the deck that will randomly show up regardless of the suit you guessed. They can give you 100 HC, a temporary earnings boost when completing offers, or a FoY code.
Whoohoo, a Joker!

Remember to do this daily! If you want more chips, you can either buy it with HC (not recommended) or level up your account (keep reading to learn more).

3. Gifthulk Search Bar

Use Gifthulk's search bar instead of Google, and you can randomly win HC! Click here.

4. Gifthulk TV

Earn HC by watching short clips on Gifthulk TV! Click here
Every 10 videos you watch will earn you 10 HC. The green bar at the top tells you how many more videos you need to watch. They even added bonus HC for "Special Rounds" in an update:

5. Complete Offers and Surveys

This is the main part of Gifthulk where you can earn thousands of HC. You can visit the Offer Walls to complete activities, or you can go to the Surveys page and answer surveys.

Many of them ask for your personal information. Since I greatly value my privacy I have found some awesome websites to get around it:
  • (Gives you a temporary email that expires in 10 minutes. Use when an offer requires you to click on a confirmation link in an email)
  • (Gives you a randomly generated identity. Use when an offer requires you to provide personal information such as name, birthday, address, phone number, etc.)

6. My Reward Box

This is like your mail box on Gifthulk, where they send you EZ (easy) tasks. It is always on your front home page.
Look for offers that have this green geo-tag icon on it:
These are SUPER easy. Just click on the offer, check in by clicking the green ribbon on the top right, and you automatically get 10 HC. You can then choose whether to complete the actual offer for more HC.

7. Level Up

You can get bonus stuff on Gifthulk for leveling up! Click here for your level page.
Leveling up is something that will help you IMMENSELY. You can get bonus Guess the Card game chips, a rebate on prize purchase (meaning you get HC just for redeeming prizes), and a faster prize delivery (one time, I got my prize in 2 hours!). To level up, you need to meet the minimum requirement for either earning HC OR inviting users.

Notice that once you reach Diamond level, you get a free $10 gift card of your choice. To redeem it, submit a ticket here. Tickets are like contact forms to the Gifthulk staff.

Fill in the appropriate boxes, and remember to mention what kind of gift card you want. This is how I filled it out:

8. Invite Friends

Inviting friends under your referral link will win you LOTS of HC very fast! Your referral dashboard is here.

Each friend that joins under your link will earn you 100 HC instantly. If your friend reaches the silver level, you get 500 more HC!

WARNING: Do not put your referral link (or a banner with a link, or pretty much any mention of it) on a WordPress blog. It is against the WordPress Terms of Service, and I got suspended for it once. You are free to use my idea of putting it on a separate blog, such as Blogspot.

9. Engage

One of the easiest activities on Gifthulk! Click here to start. Then, just click on the boxes and wait 45 seconds. Click on all 10 boxes on the page to fill up the bar and earn 25 HC. You don't have to answer anything, just click!

You can do this an unlimited amount of times every day!

How To Get Free Membership/Ecoins on Fantage

In the Gifthulk store, you can redeem gift cards. PayPal and Karma Koin are accepted by Fantage as payment. Note that you need to buy a $10 card to buy anything on Fantage, since the minimum cost  for anything is $7.95.

You can click on the pictures above to go to their pages in the Gifthulk store.

Once you redeem it, wait for Gifthulk to send you your code. It will show up on the My Orders page, and you will also get an email notification when it arrives. Don't worry, Gifthulk will not send gift cards to your home address.

Then, proceed to the Fantage payment page, and choose the appropriate payment method at checkout.


If you are redeeming PayPal credits, make sure you have connected your PayPal account's email, so they know who to send it to. Go to your profile and type in your PayPal email.
Note that, because of a recent change in PayPal policy, you no longer need to connect your account to your bank or credit card (which you probably don't have, like me) to spend/send credits in your account!


Gifthulk is super flexible, and their customer service is amazing. You can refund your order by opening a ticket!

Thank You

I'm guessing that this note will most likely go unnoticed by the majority of my viewers on the WordPress blog, as I quit blogging nearly half a year ago. However, this may be for the best because I don't want to cause any confusion.
I just wanted to thank all the people that have been signing up for Gifthulk using my link despite my absence. I will be attending college in the Fall, and every dollar counts. It makes me so happy when I open my account once in a while to find so many referrals from you guys.
To express my thanks further, I will try to update this page with Fountain of Youth codes--there are some up there already! I will also be adding a new page about a similar website I have been using.
I miss you all dearly!

--Princess Moomoo, 7/31/15


  1. I've removed all the comments, since they were really old and I wanted to start fresh :)

  2. nsxphui27 expired

  3. Thank you so much for providing the 10 minute email and identity websites! I don't like to give away my information to survey websites, and I got a bunch of hulk coins by using those links.

  4. I have two fountain of youth codes, both can be used by four other people.

    8n7n4v7b1- worth 35 hc
    d0q2mn7p2- worth 29 hc

  5. TY for the above codes!!!

  6. hi can i get a free member please

  7. Hey, sure you can join by going here to this link: and then you will also get an additional 250 hulk coins for free, since you'll be joining under my referral link. Oh and this fu4cgbz16 only has 3 uses left, but I hope you get to use it, it is a fountain of youth code. Thanks for signing up, if you do, under my referral link :) I appreciate it!

  8. GiftHulk isn't available in my country :( How do I go there then?

  9. Hi dream! I'm sorry to hear that! You could always try using a VPN but it's best to try to stick with the programs in your own country since the rewards will then be typically given out in the player's registered country. I know with Gifthulk, for 1 award (Amazon gift card) you can request either a Canadian dollar or US dollar one but the rest are showing up as rewards in my country's currency (I live in the US, so US dollars). I'm so sorry to be the bad news person. I hope you can find a way to join or join a program in your own country and make some awesome rewards while having a ton of fun :)


  11. Its actually quite bad because it asks for your personal information and where you live like seriously i need something better i need fantage membership and for it to be cheaper!

  12. If you want 250 free bonus points (hulk coins) use this code when signing up: MS796704.
    It's my referral link and it's guaranteed for new members!

  13. can i get a free code for fatage game card i promise next week ill give you a fresh one

  14. Thanks for updating the codes o 7/31/15 but now, they're all expired. :)

  15. I can't believe time passes so quickly. I feel as if your last post was only a few weeks ago! I can't explain the feeling, but being assured that someone is still here is the best kind of feeling ever. So many people associated with Fantage just disappeared from the internet, and it was feeling quite lonely. Even I haven't updated my blog/went on Fantage for some time now! With that in mind, I understand that people move on. I just wish that we all didn't have to grow up. Good luck in college! :) <3
    P.S. You are and always will be my favourite person associated with Fantage. ;)

  16. how do we enter the code and where ? In 2015? it says that its not working please reply

  17. Still waiting for e-gift card ordered on 10-7-15. Check out the BBB reviews, filed complaints on this site. I'll save you the time they got a "F" rating.

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